"DICE is a clear, consistent approach that I can share with other caregivers, friends and family. It provides guidance on safety issues and an understanding of what my mom might go through next."
A family caregiver -- Grand Rapids, MI
"The DICE Approach incorporates front-line staff to help describe and investigate and be included on the process."
A staff caregiver -- Appleton, WI
"I like the different steps in the DICE Approach and how simple the acronym is. I also like how it focuses on the person and how to help them and the caregiver, rather than just accept the disease."
A staff caregiver -- Holt, MI
"I learned new vocabulary and ways to describe my clients' behaviors in ways more than just 'agitated'. Also that not every intervention will work every time, but to keep trying."
A staff caregiver
“The approach organizes a complicated medical problem-brain disease-into something more manageable. I have found great comfort- education is really empowering."
A family caregiver
man with glasses
“The DICE Approach is very logical and concise. As a retired engineer, this is how we did problem solving. The book is very comprehensive and a great reference."
A family caregiver
“I am so happy to have an alternative to drugs to work with for my mom!”
A family caregiver
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